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stress will kill you?

we've all heard that expression, right?
well its true.
stress will kill you
and scientific evidence exists
to prove this claim
and to question the science
behind the following claim

"smoking causes cancer."

in his book when the body says no, (click title for link to amazon.com) gabor mate (pronounced mat-eh) walks readers through the biochemistry behind the mind-body connection. fascinating stuff? anyone with a uterus will tell you that stress can toss the body's delicate hormonal balance off kilter. so, then ... take this one step further. a guy - british thoracic surgeon who calls himself Kissen - did take this further. he noticed, via his clinical practice, an intimate connection between emotionally repressive personality patterns and incidence of lung cancer. and then, a longitudinal study, conducted on a stable population in europe over a 10 year period, confirmed Kissen's insights.

essentially, it all boils down to this:
smoking no more causes cancer than being thrown into deep water causes drowning ... a combination of factors is necessary to cause drowning. fatal as immersion in deep water can be to the unprotected non-swimmer, for someone who swims well or is equipped with a life jacket, it poses little risk. it is the same with lung cancer. (p. 85)

so. what am i saying?
  1. repression of emotion, particularly anger, is the single greatest risk factor for death, esp, but not only, d/t cancer (emotional repression potentiates the effects of smoke and other carcinongens within the body)
  2. psychological influences create physiological changes in the body which contribute to the onset of malignant disease (science and clinical practice tell us that, at every level, a mind-body connection exisits)
  3. individual internal perceptions bear as much influence as external threats in development of disease , esp. cancer, in our bodies

lets expand no. 2, shall we?
  1. thru the HYPOTHALAMUS-PITUITARY-ADRENAL nexus (a pathway of glands in our bodies that govern metobolism and general bodily function), both physical and psychological stress influence our physiology -- ie stress activates the HPA nexus, sending our delicate hormonal balance out of its equilibrium
  2. unmet emotional needs -- ie uncertanty, lack of control, lack of information -- strongly activate the HPA nexus
  3. consummatory behaviour (behaviour which removes the danger or relieves the tension cause by it), and restoring sense of control, each result in immediate supression of HPA activity
  4. emotional stress impairs the body's built-in DNA and cellular repair mechanisms (i)habitual emotional repression leaves a person in a state of chronic stress, (ii)creating an unnatural biochemical environment in the body; (iii)the perpetually high levels of steroid hormones (we secrete hormones when we are stressed out) can interfere with normal programmed cell death
  5. depression ("a mental state in which repression of anger dominates emotional functioning") potentiates the inhibitory effect of smoke on the natural killer cells (ie it compromises our body's ability to fight off disease)
  6. disease is not a simple result of some external attack, but develops in hosts in whom the internal environment has become disordered
  7. the human endocrime system is an important mediator between the psyche and the tumor (a) a person's emotional personality pattern plays a role in either facilitating tumor promotion or dampening or accentuating the impact of environmental stressors (b) tumors are hormonally dependent, arising in organs that interact hormonally
  8. social subordination activates the HPA
  9. the stresses that create the problems with self nurture are also the ones that predispose to disease
  10. for most cancers there is no identifed carcinogen. it is the internal environment that plays the major role in deciding whether the malignancy will flourish or be eliminated.
  11. key to fighting cancer is not just prevention and/or control of its spread ... but understanding under what conditions existing dormant tumor deposits become malignant
  12. inability to express emotion, particularly anger, has shown up as the most consistently idenified risk factor for cancer in various studies
link to the book's website here, in case you're interested. simply put, this message in all this? that we can influence our health status simply by means of our response to life. our ability to process what we encounter. to stick to our convictions. to set our own limits. constructively express our own emotions. our friend ben writes: "life is change. life is energy. life is your chance to create yourself and your world as you wish them to be." i think that's what gabor mate means, too, thru his writings and work. we CAN make a difference. it sounds almost too simple, doesn't it?

I have always felt that most physical problems have a psychological root. And it does seem to explain why some people can develop cancer without ever having smoked and others can chain smoke for fifty years and not.

However, drawing all of those chemicals into one's lungs cannot be helpful. And what of COPD and emphasema (?sp)

I can't understand how people can discount the connection between the mind and body as if they were two seperate entities.

Velvey, youse on ter sompin' wif this....another interstin' book (oldish) is Mind the Healer, Mind the Slayer. It makes the same point, honey--that cancer is an anger repressed induced disease, more often than not--some exceptions, such a miners with black lung after years of breating coal. This boook looks at three other problems and traces the emotional component--Migraines, IBS, and heart disease.

Then fer some ancedotal corroboration, see Theodore Dalrymple, MD, who worte LIfe At the Bottom, about his work wif the poorest of Lonndon/Liverpool's poor. He finds stress is cause of much of they ailments...but he notes to that some folks is bent on behaviors that bring stress. (Quitin' jobs when ya know the rent is due, not dinishing homework and fear of grades--taht sorta thing) But bottom line, stress is deadly, has chemical reactions in body that cause anomalies.

/bark bark bark

grrrrrrrrrrrrrl this is is hard to read over the pictures!
repress anger? nope. but the key is to blow off steam in a way that doesnt repel others! and when all else fails theres always sedatives.


which is why i DID mention constructive expression of emotion.

i've quit tinkering with this template now -- this is the background i've decided to stick with. i think its not that obscuring. i like it. i just can't do the plain template thing anymore.

Oh, Wow ... I was going to write: "Brillant, brillant, brillant!" because I was so thrilled to read this. And then I saw my name and thought: "Oh. Can't do it now. Too self-congratulatory"

Ha! Can, too.

BRILLANT post, Velvet.

And you know what I've been turning around in my head, lately? Those big stickers on cigarette packs - "Smoking kills" and all that ... well, I believe that they actually CAUSE some illness among smokers because they keep telling you that you should feel guilty and that you are doing something that is bad.

These messages - if you take 'em in - load you up with "bad vibrations". THey ceate an additional stress-factor. Same thing for non-smokers exposed to smoke who always read that stuff.

And that - combined with what you posted here - leads to: The law that made these notes mandatory might assist in killing people instead of helping them to heal.

hey ben ... thought you'd like this post ... and interesting take on the anti smoking propaganda.

to all y'all out there re: template ... apparently i lied a couple days ago when i said i was done tinkering ... i think ... i hope this one is easier on the eyes ...

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